Are Smart Locks Easy to Install?

Smart Lock Installation: Is It a Simple Process?

Whether you prefer to call in a professional or enjoy a bit of DIY around the house, the installation of a new smart lock typically proceeds quite smoothly. Naturally, the ease of your smart lock installation hinges on factors like the lock model, door type, whether it's a fresh installation or a replacement, and your level of readiness for the task. On this note, GEONFINO is here to offer guidance.

Are Smart Locks Easy to Install?

Let's dive right into it: can smart door locks also be considered user-friendly door locks? The straightforward answer is a resounding "yes."

In today's world, smart locks are often designed with do-it-yourself installation in mind, although models can vary, and professional assistance is always an option. Across GEONFINO's extensive range of smart locks, we prioritize easy-to-install door locks that anyone, even those without locksmithing experience, can effortlessly handle. Typically, you'll require only a screwdriver or two, perhaps a pair of pliers, and a measuring tape.

Installation of a New Smart Lock on a New Door

It's important to note that each smart lock has its peculiarities, but you will likely encounter a relatively uniform installation process as a foundation. This process generally follows a sequence similar to this:

  1. Remove the existing lockset from the door.
  2. Measure to ensure that the boreholes are of the correct size for your smart lock.
  3. Insert the new lockset and secure it with screws.
  4. Attach the exterior smart lock assembly by inserting a pin or rod into the upper borehole (often aided by adhesive strips) and guide the connection cables through the borehole.
  5. Screw on any provided mounting plates.
  6. Plug in the cable and attach the interior smart lock assembly.
  7. Insert batteries.
  8. Attach the covers and faceplates.
  9. Secure the door strike with screws.

Bear in mind that nearly every door may present minor differences, so you might encounter some minor hiccups along the way. However, remember that every problem has a solution. For instance, if the mounting plate doesn't fit snugly, you may need different screw sizes to accommodate your door's thickness. Over-tightened screws or loosely connected wires during installation can also disrupt smart lock performance, so adjustments might be necessary. On the technical side, ensure your smart device and smart lock app are on the same network, and consider rebooting your router if you encounter connection issues.

Replacing a Smart Lock

In certain cases, such as being the owner of a rental property or an Airbnb host, rekeying your smart lock may be preferable to a complete replacement. This is often a more cost-effective and faster option.

Many smart locks can be rekeyed using a rekeying kit from the manufacturer. GEONFINO employs 6-pin (Deadbolt Editions) and 5-pin (Latch Editions) cylinders that can be replaced with existing rekeying kits available in the market while retaining the rest of the smart lock components. This process typically involves removing the interior and exterior smart lock assembly (including the handle if present) and then sliding in a new cylinder before replacing the enclosure.

Types of Doors Suitable for Smart Locks

Smart locks are compatible with both deadbolt locks and latch-style locks. While installing deadbolt-style locks is slightly more straightforward, latch-style door locks may necessitate a few additional steps. For example, when installing a latch-style smart lock, you'll need to invest a little extra time in attaching the handle to the smart lock enclosure and ensuring that the handle aligns properly with your door.

Generally speaking, most doors with boreholes for standard analog locksets are compatible with smart locks. Smart locks enhance security not only for front, back, and side doors but also for garage doors, security doors, and, in some cases, even windows. They provide homeowners with more control and include features like motion sensing and remote video playback.

Installation Time for a Smart Lock

As there are countless varieties of smart locks available on the market, installation times can vary significantly. However, for GEONFINO's lineup, installation typically takes less than 30 minutes from start to finish. We provide installation videos and manuals for customers to follow as well.

Cost of Smart Lock Installation

Hiring a professional to install your smart lock can cost anywhere from approximately $80 to $340 per door, though local locksmith rates will naturally vary. The cost is also influenced by the complexity of the lock, with additional features like cameras, sensors, and multiple locks adding to the labor cost.

On the other hand, opting for the DIY approach costs nothing but a bit of effort and approximately half an hour of your time. Plus, your reward comes in the form of the satisfaction of a job well done.

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Smart locks, like those proudly offered by GEONFINO, are designed to simplify your life, and the installation process should be just as straightforward. However, there's no shame in seeking professional assistance if DIY isn't your forte. But if you choose the DIY route and require assistance during your GEONFINO smart lock installation, we're more than happy to help via email at